This site is always in the making. It will never be done, as the portfolio will expand and evolve.

This is the personal website of Heiko, with a bias towards showcasing artwork and storing commission/trade information. All artwork on the website is made by me unless stated otherwise.

Before coming on the website, it should be mentioned that art theft, profitting off the work in any way without the artist's consent is strictly forbidden.
This site also explicitly stands against NFTs.

It is rather advised to have a reading ability when visiting this page. Seriously - it will be better for all of us.


sniff sniff

Staying alive. Maybe I will delete this site soon due to planned redesign. For now shit isn't going anywhere.


he/him, enthusiast of many music genres, especially german and japanese rock. I don't really take bullshit from people anymore. assertiveness is strength. memyou karasu and melibellule are my biggest art inspirations. might be a bit controversial with opinions. icon was made by oolrika#9169.


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