terms of service

Not reading this part does not shield you from the consequences. However, not every outcome possible is covered here - if something is unclear, ask.

I. Before commissioning

Customer is required to hand in all the details of commission to the artist.
Payment is only accepted in USD (PayPal). Discord Nitro is accepted only for commissions worth 20$ or less.
Customer is required to pay the full amount upfront via PayPal invoice.
Rude behavior, extremely harmful or hateful activity online and harrassment of artist will get the customer's request declined.
The customer is informed about the additional fees for complexity after showing the character. Due to variety of characters existing out there, it is impossible to include all varieties of fees.
The artist has the right to decline the commission if it's too complex to be made.

II. During the process

No refunds will be made upon paying, with the exceptions being stated later in the TOS.
The commissioner is eligible to ask for one WIP per day, unless the artist sends a WIP on their own.
Attempting to make a chargeback without artist's consent will get you blacklisted from ever commissioning the artist again, with the callout post being made on Clients Beware and among any artist communities the artist is in.
The client cannot change the subject and/or character in the artwork after making a payment.
There are no rush fees available. Shall the customer push the artist to do their commission first, the artist has the right to decline the commission, with refund being made based on how much work was done on the artwork.
If the artist will have to deal with circumstances that may delay the commission, all customers will be informed about it ASAP.
If the customer cuts contact with the artist during the commission process or does not inform the artist about changing contact methods, making artwork delivery impossible, no refunds will be issued. The customer however is able to reach back to the artist about their commission at any time for their artwork.
If a deadline has to be pushed to a later date, the customer will be informed about it.
The customer can make a total of 3 minor edits (that is, edits that do not touch the rendered artwork or do not heavily modify the linework) to the artwork free of charge. After that limit, a fee of 5$ per minor change is added to the cost.
The customer can make a total of 1 major edit (i.e. linework overhaul, pose, composition, color palette) to the artwork free of charge. After that limit, a fee of 1/3 of artwork's base price is added to the cost.

III. After the commission

The customer has a right to post the artwork on social media with appropiate credit (linking to this page and leaving my Discord tag)
The customer has no right to alter or edit the commission artwork without artist's consent.
The artist has no right to the character design itself, unless the customer ordered a custom design.
The customer has no right to resell or make any profit with the artwork without paying a commercial fee.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE the customer is allowed to use the artwork as an NFT even with the commercial fee being paid. Doing so will result in a call-out post, blacklist and takedown being filed.


he/him, enthusiast of many music genres, especially german and japanese rock. I don't really take bullshit from people anymore. assertiveness is strength. memyou karasu and melibellule are my biggest art inspirations. might be a bit controversial with opinions. icon was made by oolrika#9169.


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